Friday, March 9, 2012

Tulip Tutorial...

I had seen a wonder tutorial by YouTube's "Vadaler" here:
check her out... she is a genius!!

However I didn't have her punches and I wanted to make some changes... and after showing a few ladies I scrapbook with how they turned out.. I promised to make a slide show tutorial for them...

Actually.... they look more like Crocus's to me, now!! hee hee

They are easy.... they look great.... so have fun!!

Check out the slideshow below:


  1. Wonderful tutorial. You know my aversion to flowers, but I think I may actually try these. Too pretty! Thanks for doing a tutorial.

    1. Hey Julie.... Thanks...I actually lost all of my YouTube videos yesterday (still gives me the shivers to think about it)... however this one was still on my computer...along with 2 others....oooooooooooh well!! hee hee... Hope all is well with you!!