Friday, May 24, 2013

DVD Mini-Books...

These are somewhat time consuming ( especially when I am making 100 of them!! hee hee)...but they house 20 DVD's each and  look very nice on my shelves...Don't they remind you of the old hardcover Reader's Digest books.....??
These books are actually made with empty cracker embossing folder by Spellbinder's for the spine cover..a punch by EK Success for the label.... papers by K&Co... ModPodge to seal and LOTS of time and patience..
I will do a tutorial on these books when I am close to being finished.. between getting my yard-work done...and my everyday life-stuff.. there really isn't too much time left over...

Stay tuned....and thanks for looking!!


  1. Very, very nice Debbi! I'm looking forward to the tutorial and details.

  2. Thanks Billiejoe! Hopefully before the summer is over I will have this project finished and have the time to properly do the tutorial...Thanks for the comment... much appreciated!

  3. I love these books! I am so looking forward to seeing how you created them!

    1. Thanks Gail...I really like how they turned out, this point I have made almost 50 of them.... only 50-60 more to go!! hee hee... needless to say I have taken a break from them....but I expect by the early fall.... I will be wanting to finish this project and will take all the pictures necessary for a proper tutorial... so stay tuned!!