Monday, November 1, 2010

Toilet Paper Roll Tutorial...

As promised, here is a slide show tutorial for my toilet paper roll mini album..( and my first YouTube Video!! )

You will probably notice that many of my supplies are Italian... hee hee.. but you can find such things as acrylic paints.. quick drying glues and sealers here in the western hemisphere, too...

You will need to adjust some of your measurements, based on the size of your toilet rolls..

Close ups of the finished pages and information on the papers are available on the original posting of the album:

Hope this helps!!


  1. Just watched your video and this is the best TP roll mini album that I've ever seen!!! After I watched it I noticed that was the only video...WOW you should do more....I'd subscribe!

  2. I just subscribe to your blog and your YouTube channel because of this wonderful mini. I truly wish you could do a tutorial for the binding you did on this mini. Usually a hole is just picked out and a binder ring used, but I was really impressed at what you did. Thank you for sharing.