Tuesday, May 17, 2011

With Sympathy...

You know those days... when you go to the grocery store to get some milk...and come home with pork chops, cheesies, grapes and no milk...??? hee hee..

yupp...I was looking for a new blade for my circle cutter, I had this idea for a new layout ( same box that I keep some of my stencils ) when I came across this "Glimmer Screen Stencils - Garden Blossom" by Tattered Angles that I had never used.. quickly got busy..laid down my stencil..sponged some Ranger Bundled Sage all around it, blended in some Vintage Photo,,,shadow stamped with some Tim Holtz stamps and inks, broke out the Glitz Distress Stamps... a little tearing, a lttle crimping.... some jute rope and before you know it.... it's supper time... and I have this wonderful card....

but I've completely forgotten about that dang blade for my circle cutter.....!!

ooooooh well.....maybe I'll work on that layout tomorrow..?? hee hee

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