Saturday, April 30, 2011

Book Style Box..

I created this to hold the "Sister's" mini-album, that I had made for my cousin Betsy.. it was inspired from a YouTuber by the name of "TracylovestoScrap".
I made a few modifications so that it would be bigger and stronger than her original box, which was used as a card..
It took a bit of head scratching to figure it all out.. but it was well worth the effort and I will definitely be making one of these again!!

Here are a few of the *in the process* pics..

Creating the accordian sides...
Making sure of the measurements...
Covering the inside liners...Gluing them on to the side and the whole frame to a base...
Gluing the final box to the back cover...

Papers are from the Classic K McKenna Collection by K & Company
I have changed the closure ( since the video ).. it is now a Tim Holtz Large Swivel Clasp


  1. Wows!! awesome! Seen this on & had to come see ! great work! :D

  2. This is truly amazing! I HAVE to try this and I'm subscribing to your site, you are wonderfully creative!