Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Bother Free Day...

The title is one of my favorite Pooh quotes...hee hee..I had bought this "Disney-Pooh Paper Pack" a while back and when I was looking through my stash of Liam photos and saw the one of Liam in his Tigger PJ's I just KNEW I had struck gold.....the photos were from last summer... he had just turned three... even though he sees himself as a little man.....he is an ADORABLE boy to me.... errrrrrr.... maybe I am a wee bit subjective, eh????? hee hee

I used the same sketch I created for "A branch of the FAMILY tree"....without the branch....just to see how versatile the sketch could be...

I think it worked out fine and dandy!!


Everything but the buttons, embroidery floss and dymo is from the Disney - Pooh Paper Pack

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