Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cream Cheese Box & Mini-Album...

Cream Cheese Box and Mini...

This adorable box was based upon my cream cheese box....I will have a slide show tutorial posted by tomorrow or the next day.... and that sweet little mini album was completely inspired by Laura Denison (Follow the Paper Trail) from her 2010 - 12 Days of Christmas Projects... what an incredible crafter she is, eh..?

All papers are from:
KandCompany - Classic K McKenna Collection


  1. This box is absolutely beautiful!

  2. I just stumbled into your blog ;) Your projects are stunning! hello inspiration!!!

  3. Like Cass, I just stumbled on one of your videos because I typed in a search for toilet paper mini albums and then I found your blog. Awesome work, beautiful designs. You won't hear from me very often, but I'll be here lurking and getting great inspiration. Thanks Debbi!